Love this song!

The song is in the key of C minor. The song only uses four chords(I-iii-vi-V) that are not EXTREMELY basic, but also not too complex. A chord that is not naturally in the key the song is does add an interesting resolve but it’s noting new in music (12/8 in hip-hop omg omg).

Anyway, I’d love to analyze the song in its entirety but this song isn’t the right one for that. I’ll probably do that later with some other, more music-theory-heavy song!

The song is about Kanye’s faith in God  and it’s well-produced with lots of great samples. It sounds good because it is!

Check the video below to see all the deconstructed samples:

Major props to everyone that contributed to the song and album.
Whomever discovered these samples: A+ to you.